“With a Clear Vision and Focused Strategy Your Business will Accomplish More Faster”

Today’s businesses have more moving parts than ever. This means guiding a business to success requires a new set of skills, new knowledge, and a new strategy. All too often, as a business owner, you can get overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks and spend your time putting out fires instead of leading the business. Over time, the absence of a clearly communicated strategy can lead to a loss of focus, a leadership deficiency, disengaged employees, and complacency within the organization.


When leadership fails to communicate a focused strategy; our experience shows it is time for outside support before:

  • Hiring complacency sets in, affecting overall productivity (and more)
  • Sales fall flat because there isn’t enough time to focus on revenue development
  • New technology options become overwhelming while old technology puts you at a disadvantage with your competitors
  • You fail to make meaningful strides forward because you don’t have the research or knowledge to utilize the best resources for small businesses
  • Priorities become sidetracked because you’re focusing on putting out fires
  • Leadership becomes reactive instead of proactive and opportunities are missed

The good news is you can easily get back on track by revisiting your vision and your mission. Often this requires outside perspective to help you align the efforts and actions of your employees with your mission and your goals for the organization. This requires a strong strategy driven by clear priorities and goals that are specific to your business.


At Renascent Consulting Group we know there is not a one size fits all plan for small businesses. Your strategy and its implementation will depend on your annual goals and priorities. For example, small business owners often ask us if they should be using social media. Our response is consistent: That depends on your type of business, your vision, and your annual goals & priorities. Scattering your resources is far worse than focusing those resources into targeted goals.


Depending on the current state of your business, your strategy and annual goals will change. Below are some specialty areas where we can help guide your strategy. We invite you to review your options and schedule a Discovery Session so we can get work. The sooner we hold your Discovery Session, the sooner your small business can be doing big business.


Schedule your Discovery Session to get the support you need today.

Discovery Sessions Include:

  • Full assessment and review of your individual business needs. My team goes to work for you before we’ve even talked.
  • One hour strategy session in person or via teleconference
  • A recap and a list of action items to implement immediately and the opportunity to get ongoing business growth support.