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Let our team of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants and Business Experts help you unleash the power of Infusionsoft.


I do not currently have Infusionsoft – get me started »

I have Infusionsoft – Work your magic and get me results »

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I do not currently have Infusionsoft –
get me started!


Renascent Consulting is not just another Infusionsoft Reseller—our team of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants will do more, take you further, and set you up for long-term success.


What makes us unique? Our Infusionsoft Certified Consultants do more than just get your Infusionsoft account up and running…we continually help you to develop your skills with monthly coaching calls, online training and monthly emails with valuable quick tips and tools. Our commitment to you is ongoing.


Why is our approach different? Every business is unique, and your application should be as well. It’s like hiring a contractor to build you a home. We leverage best practices to ensure your foundation is solid—how much of the house you want us to build is up to you. We offer three start-up packages tailored to the needs of your organization.


- Needs Assessment: Understanding your business is our first objective. Once we understand what makes you unique, we customize our coaching and campaign building to the individual needs of your business.


- Coaching Calls: Ongoing coaching calls initially help you learn how to use the software and build campaigns. After your set-up is complete, we provide ongoing monthly coaching calls to teach you more advanced skills.


- Campaign Set-Up: Based on your needs assessment, we build campaigns to help automate your processes. In addition, we will upload your banners and set up the Branding Center so your emails are pre-loaded and ready to go!


- Strategic Foundations: We provide you with best-in-class practices for naming conventions, advanced tagging strategies, adding users with appropriate permissions, and customizing each individual dashboard.


- Data Import: Our team will help you import your contacts and ensure that all of your information is optimized to provide you with advanced segmentation capabilities.


- Ongoing Support: In addition to the monthly coaching calls, your Infusionsoft package includes access to our online learning series, webinars, and monthly emails with unique tips and tricks.

The Renascent Consulting team is very knowledgeable, extremely responsive, and easy to work with! We’ve worked with various CRM groups and this team stands out with their knowledge, customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend them for your CRM!”


Infusionsoft Starter Packages 



I have Infusionsoft –
Work your magic and get me results!


You dream it—we build it!


Hiring Renascent Consulting is like hiring professional movers: you probably could do all the heavy lifting yourself, but our experienced team can do it for you more quickly, safely, and with expert handling.


We’d love to hear about your upcoming projects and discuss how we might be able to ease some of the burdens of running your organization. Our services include:


- Helping to plan your business and marketing strategy

- Strategizing with you to map, refine and better manage your Customer Lifecycle

- Setting up Affiliates and e-commerce

- Creating Advanced campaigns: you dream it—we build it

- Organizing and cleaning up your current application

- Moving campaigns from Legacy to the Campaign Builder

- Automating everyday business processes to improve efficiency

- Providing support to track, measure and control business performance outcomes


Working with ‘the gals’ at Renascent has been smooth & easy. What most impressed me has been their dedication to the project. They put in enough testing to ensure things were prepared before launching which most people aren’t willing to do. Since then, they’ve been solving our unforeseen issues in stride and rather quickly. Thanks again!”



My team needs to become Infusionsoft Gurus –
Train them!


You may already be a proud owner of Infusionsoft…but you simply aren’t unleashing its power. We’ll show you how.

We work onsite or offsite with your team and show them how to leverage the Infusionsoft platform by teaching them best-in-class processes and the skills they need to unleash the power of your application.


Most people learn by doing, not just watching. Whether in person or online, we coach your team members in an effective way. After we teach you about the application, we watch your team build campaigns and work in Infusionsoft, and we coach them through the process. This proven method is the fastest and most effective way to get your team up to speed.


- Map out your Business Processes

- Improve your Customer Lifecycle by leveraging automation technology

- Build Custom Campaigns to achieve your business goals

- Set up and manage affiliates and referral partners

- Understand how to use Note Templates and Action Sets

- Leverage Saved Searches to improve efficiency and save time

- Develop meaningful Reports and Dashboard Metrics

- Manage your Sales Funnel and monitor the activities of your sales team

- Create Web Forms and Landing Pages

- Optimize your Sales Pipeline and manage your Opportunities


“Nicole and Bridgit really understand the ins and outs of Infusionsoft. We were really getting frustrated with Infusionsoft and were thinking about changing to another system. Fortunately we were able to sit down with Renascent Consulting and work through the problems we were encountering. After working for just a few hours we had solved many of the challenges we were having, and Renascent then worked on a list of other problems they needed to research, and soon came back to us with solutions. We have since continued to use their expertise so we can stick with what we do best. I would highly recommend their services.”



“Having someone who is Reliable • Dependable • and DELIVERS are invaluable traits. Renascent Consulting does ALL and with a continually Professional attitude. Their knowledge and approach to solving issues before they become problems is Priceless.”


“It’s invaluable to have someone on hand who is reliable, experienced, and really delivers when they have to! Renascent Consulting does it all with a great professional attitude. They solve issues before they become problems!”