“Outsource, Delegate or Automate: Just Make Sure You Get the Job Done”

Implementation is imperative. Business performance is crucial. As a small business owner in today’s world, you are rewarded for both your insight and execution, with little tolerance for error. Renascent Consulting Group assists your business in leveraging systems, data, knowledge, and technology to make decisions that improve the performance of the organization. We also understand that the key to getting results is implementation. Even the best plan in the world won’t work if you’re not working it.


Once your vision and mission are crystal clear and we’ve created a plan, we also help you implement your strategy. We make it our business to research, test, and learn about the BEST resources available for small businesses. During the implementation process, we identify the work that needs to be outsourced and we help you to choose the right resources based on your goals. We have personally selected a team of hyper-specialized connections who help implement specialized strategies like IT, web development, marketing automation, SEO and more. Plus, we help you monitor the project and measure outcomes and results so that you know everything is working in accordance to plan.


We look forward to getting to know you and your business. We have the knowledge, experience and connections to show you how to help you grow and improve your business. The first step is a full assessment of what needs to be done.



Schedule your Discovery Session to get the support you need today.

Discovery Sessions Include:

  • Full assessment and review of your individual business needs. My team goes to work for you before we’ve even talked.
  • One hour strategy session in person or via teleconference
  • A recap and a list of action items to implement immediately and the opportunity to get ongoing business growth support.

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