Renascent Gives You Big Business Vision, Strategy and Implementation for Your Small Business in Today’s World.


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Creating a strong strategy to uphold your vision and mission is vital to the success of your business. Once you evaluate and identify your key initiatives it’s time to develop a strategy to streamline operations, engage your team, and maximize your marketing efforts. Your strategy must be driven by your vision and it’s crucial to moving your business forward. Discover how we can help you create a strategy that works in today’s business environment.


Having a clear vision is vital to reaching your goals, fulfilling your passion and aligning your team with your purpose and mission. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, you cannot effectively lead your team, build your business or achieve your goals. We help you gain clarity about your current vision, redefine your mission, and identify the business culture that will move your ideas from concept to reality. Discover how we can lead your business towards a more profitable future.


The foundation of your business includes a clear vision and mission and a strong strategy. With these elements in place you’ve created a great foundation for success. Now, how are you going to implement your strategy? It’s time to take massive action with new strategies and a well-orchestrated plan that works in today’s business climate. Discover how we can put your ideas into action and move your business forward.


The benefits I will receive:
  • A 60 minute conversation with Bridgit Parise (plan on 90 minutes as you will have action items to begin)

  • A review of your business and vision

  • A systematic process to explore your business with a third party expert

  • Identification of the areas in your business where small changes can yield big results

  • An understanding of the pressure points in your business--areas where fast action can relieve pressure and chaos

  • Realization of the ripple effect that problem areas are having on your organization

  • A game plan with strategies designed by Bridgit Parise to help you strengthen your business

  • Detailed actions items to help implement your game plan