Renascent Gives You Big Business Vision, Strategy and Implementation for Your Small Business in Today’s World.


The name, “Renascent” is symbolic of our core belief that all businesses can spring in to life with renewed growth and vigor. Today’s business landscape is reminiscent of the Renaissance period, when there was intense activity in the arts and sciences. Today’s successful small-business owners are embracing new technologies, changing their patterns of thinking, and exploring new strategies to grow their business. Our team is continuously invigorated by our clients renewed focus, passion, energy, and commitment to the growth of their business.


At Renascent Consulting Group, our client profile usually fits in to three categories:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Second-generation family business leaders or owners

All have similar challenges and DNA – a desire to grow, improve, and evolve their small business. Simply put, we enjoy working with small businesses and find great satisfaction in partnering with an owner to see a project through to completion. For a business to be competitive in the future, we know it is the perfect time for owners to embrace new strategies and set the groundwork for tomorrow’s success.


At the core of our company is Bridgit’s personal commitment to the success of your small business. An entrepreneur at heart, Bridgit develops long relationships with clients built on mutual trust, agreements honored, and personal accountability. The results are evident in the length of time that businesses use our services, and the ongoing consulting that occurs.


At Renascent Consulting Group, we are not interested in simply being another consultant who delivers a list of strategies for you to execute in your business. We realize you are busy, and we partner with you through the implementation process and serve as a mentor to see the project through to completion.


A key ingredient to the success of Renascent Consulting Group is our extended team: a group of hyper-specialized professionals who help implement progressive strategies. During the implementation process, clients identify the work that will need to be outsourced. Our knowledge of available resources is often a key ingredient to a successful implementation of your new business plan.


If you are interested in learning how you can grow or improve your business, we look forward to getting to know you, and your business.

Schedule your Discovery Session to get the support you need today.

Discovery Sessions Include:

  • Full assessment and review of your individual business needs. My team goes to work for you before we’ve even talked.
  • One hour strategy session in person or via teleconference
  • A recap and a list of action items to implement immediately and the opportunity to get ongoing business growth support.